Fix HP Connection Manager Fatal Error

Many HP users have reportedly encountered a common issue with the HP connection manager. As the Connection Manager helps to manage all the different things like mobile, wireless, broadband services, and Bluetooth in the HP machines, having any issue with it can create many problems for the users. This error generally pops up after starting up the computer or in the middle of using it. Do not worry, if you are experiencing the same problems in your HP machine, here are some of the fixes that can help you to get a solution.

HP Connection Manager Fatal Error

  • Install the .NET Framework 3.5

One of the most common fixes of Connection Manager Fatal error is installing .NET Framework 3.5. It helps to run many different tools that include the Connection Manager. So, you have to install the framework using the following steps. First, press the “Windows” key on your keyboard and press enter after typing “Windows Features”.

You will get the option “Turn Windows features on or off” and many sub-options that you will need to tick or untick. In those options, you will find the .NET Framework 3.5, tick on it, and click ok. Restart the computer once for the framework to set up, and the problem of Connection Manager will be fixed. You can also download and install the .NET framework from the official website of Microsoft.

  • Update the version of HP Connection Manager

Another very common reason for appearing the Connection Manager error is the backdated version of the Connection manager. Having the latest version helps to smoothly work with the operating system. To install the latest version of the Connection Manager, you will need to uninstall the Connection Manager and reinstall the latest one.

Here is the step by step process that will help you to get the problem fixed. Uninstall the existing Connection manager by clicking on the star and select settings on the menu. After entering settings, you will get the “Apps” option, click on it to get all the software that is installed on your computer. Locate the Connection Manager in the list and right-click on it to get the uninstall option. Click on the uninstall option and uninstall the Connection Manager.

To install the latest Connection Manager, you can either visit the HP Printer Support page to download it and install it in your computer manually. Also, you can run an automatic update on your pc to install the latest version. Reboost after the installation process, to make the latest version effective.

  • Update your Windows

In many cases, the Connection Manager Fatal error appears because of the compatibility issues with the older version of windows. Completing all the Windows updates might help you a lot to get the HP Connection Manager fixed and running. Many times, the Windows updates fix the issue by installing .NET 3.5 Framework. If your auto-update feature is turned off, then you will need to do the updates manually using these steps. Click on start and go to the settings of your computer.

You will get many options in the settings, find out the “Update and Security” option, and click on it. Upon entering, you will get the option named “Windows Update”, click on it and begin searching for updates by clicking on “check for updates”. Let the scratching process run its course and after doing the search, you will get the result as a list of available updates. Check the details and install these updates on your Windows by clicking on the update button, or you can also click on update all options to install all of them. It might help you to fix the Connection Manager Fatal Error.

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