How to Fix Problems with HP Printer Missing Lines?

HP Printers are known for good print quality and high performance. These printers are laced with the latest printing technology and features. Most of the HP Printer users are satisfied with its print quality and performance. But at the same time, many users among us are complaining that they are facing a problem with their HP Printer while they are printing and that is HP Printer missing lines when printing. If you are also among those people who are facing missing lines issue then you should not be worried about it. In this post, you will get to know the method to fix issues with HP Printer missing lines.

HP Printer Missing Lines

Procedures to fix issues with HP Printer Missing Lines

There could be several reasons behind the HP Printer missing lines when printing issue. Keep following the procedures to fix the missing lines issues with HP Printer.

Procedure 1: Try to clean the cartridge electrical contacts

  1. Turn on your HP Printer
  2. Then, try to open the top cover
  3. Check if the cartridge is moved to the centre of the printer
  4. Then, remove the printer power cord from the AC power outlet
  5. Now, remove the colour cartridges
  6. Use a clean, soft and dry cloth and clean the copper strip from the nozzle end to the top of the cartridge

Note: Avoid cleaning the nozzle plate on the bottom of the cartridge as this action can damage the cartridge.

  1. Now, head to clean the contacts inside the printer
  2. Then, insert the removed cartridges back and close the latch over the top of the cartridges
  3. After completing the cleaning process close the top cover
  4. Head to plug in the power cord with AC power source
  5. Then, try to carry out a print test to check whether the issue is fixed or not

If you are experiencing the same problem till now then you should navigate to the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Try to Align and clean the cartridges using printer assistant utility

The steps to align the cartridges from the printer assistant utility are mentioned below; go through the steps:

  1. In this step, try to open the HP assistant utility
  2. Then, choose the “Printer Services” option in the utility
  3. Now, select the “Cartridge Alignment” option and then go through the steps prompted on the screen
  4. Once the alignment process is completed then you may go ahead with the cartridges cleaning process from the HP utility
  5. Double click on the HP assistant utility icon the desktop
  6. Now, head to click on the “Printer Services” tab
  7. Here clean the Print Cartridges by following the instructions that are prompted on the screen
  8. Finally, the aligning and cleaning cartridges process for the HP Printer utility has been completed successfully

Note: After going through the above steps the issues with the HP Printer missing lines when printing will be fixed. If you are still facing any issue with your HP Printer, then you can contact the HP Support team. You can also change the WPS PIN on the HP Printer by visiting the control panel section available in your HP Printer.


In short, the issue “HP Printer missing lines when printing” can be fixed easily and the procedure is very simple. To fix the missing line problem with your HP Printer you may have to go through different procedures. In this post, we have mentioned the two procedures to fix the HP Printer missing lines when printing issue. Try attempting both the procedures to fix the issues on your own.

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