How to fix the “hp printer not feeding paper properly” error?

If you are a student or you are an employee there is a need to keep intact your valuable or important documents with you, so printing is an important thing when you are managing the documents. The printing correspondence and other business documents form part of the daily life of virtually every business. Remember, if the hardware is not able to perform to feed the paper unevenly, yielding crooked printouts and you are trying to print. If you wish to deal with the HP printer error then you can get the troubleshooting process here in this article. If you are a beginner and do not know how to process it, then it is time to get started with the information!

 hp printer paper feed problems

How to fix the hp printer won’t feed paper error?

Be it hp Photosmart printer or any other printer in this section, you will get the guide to fix the hp printer won’t feed paper error:

  1. Tap on the Power button to switch the printer off. After this, wait for 60 seconds and wait till the device gets reset.
  2. Tap on the power button to turn the printer back “On”.
  3. Wait for the printer to turn back on completely till it stops making noise.
  4. Align the white paper by tapping the stack on a flat surface.
  5. Take out the input tray and load the paper into the tray till it stops.
  6. Slide the paper width guide inward till it stops at the corner of the paper stack.
  7. Try to print a test page from the printer to see if the HP printer feeds the paper in.

Note: Do not push the paper guides so hard that they will start bending the paper in the tray.

How to fix HP printer won’t grab paper?

If the paper does not go in, you have to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you need to slide out the paper input tray.
  2. Remove the paper from the paper input tray.
  3. Just slide out the input paper tray and remove the paper from the tray.
  4. Remove any damaged paper.
  5. Make sure that there are more than 10 pieces and less than 25 pieces of plain white paper in the paper stack.
  6. Indeed, the HP printer is capable of holding way more paper than this bur this is an ideal number to test the printer.
  7. You need to make sure that all the papers are of the same size and type.
  8. Just load paper in the input tray till it stops and slides the paper width guides inward till it stops at the edges of the stack.
  9. You have to slide in the paper input tray and try to print a test page using the printer’s control panel display to check if the issue is resolved or not.

How to clean printer paper feed roller?

If you wish to clean printer paper feed roller for hp Deskjet printer or any other printer, then here are the steps:

  1. First of all, you have to unplug the power cord from the product and then remove the pickup roller.
  2. You have to dab on the lint-free cloth in the isopropyl alcohol and then scrub it to the roller.
  3. Using a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe the pickup roller to remove the loosened dirt that is present on the device.
  4. Follow the instructions that are given on the screen of the printer and the computer.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

Hopefully, you are now able to fix the hp printer not feeding paper properly error. However, if you are still not able to fix hp printer paper feed problems on your hp Officejet printer or any other printer, then you are recommended to visit the official website and get assistance from hp printer support assistants. On the website, you will get assistance from professional experts round the clock.

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