All you need on how to connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi

HP is, at present, the best brand throughout the world that manufactures and serves the technical needs of the people in this highly tech-dominated on. It offers several different digital hardware products that you need almost every day, especially since we’ve entered the pandemic phase. For instance, laptops, desktops printers (Inkjet and LaserJet), related accessories, and services that help you enhance the user experience (both hardware and software). The printers have always acquired the first place for being the most “on-demand” product across the globe. Thus, here, in this read, you’ll get to know some very significant details that will help you use one of the HP printer models- HP Envy 6455 focusing on one extremely specific area- the ways to connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi. That’s right, HP offers the best wireless printers that operate via your home and office Internet networks. Let’s take you to the good part of this extensive read.

connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi

Learn about the exclusive traits of HP Envy 6455

You should know that HP Envy 6455 is created with recycled printers and/or other electronic devices and this part of the read will be highly efficient in supporting your decision to get an HP Envy 6455 printer model as it contains the major features of the printer model:

  • It is WiFi supported and operates on it
  • Automatic duplexing feature for two-sided prints
  • Verification and management of the ink levels
  • Wireless printing with the help of a phone or a tablet
  • Compatible for both color and mono prints
  • Prints up to 9 copies (maximum)
  • More than 20% of the printer weight is plastic
  • Recycled plastic helps with the quality and reliability

Learn important details on HP Envy Pro 6455 setup

Well, to connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi, you would first have to set up your printer and then you’d have to move on with your effortless and efficient printing. We suggest you begin with getting into the website so that you can install the HP Easy Start software and get all the latest print drivers that you might require. Another best thing about HP printers is that they always have the latest and updated technology. And as mentioned earlier HP offers software services to help you improve your user experiences- it offers printer management software, which is known as “HP Printer Assistant”. It doesn’t just help you with any issue that you may encounter while you attempt to get reliable print outputs, it also helps you with downloading print drivers and managing your printer without even going near it. You can even get help to connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi and get on the efficient wireless printing journey.

Know the procedure for HP Envy Pro 6455 wireless setup

This section of the read will be walking you through the steps that you’d have to undergo to connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi using the HP Smart App (which is another software application for managing your HP printer):

  1. You need to get the HP Smart App installed on the device you want to print with.
  2. Post-installation, get into the application and head to either the “Add Printer” tab or the “+” icon.
  3. Make sure that your printer is turned on for the wireless setup and the device you’re setting it up on must be connected to WiFi.
  4. When you go on to add your printer, it should get automatically detected on the HP Smart app.
  5. Head to selecting the model name and then hit “Yes” when asked to be connected to the WiFi.
  6. Wait for the printer to get set up on your WiFi network by choosing “Next” and then the “Done” option tab.
  7. Keep up with the on-screen prompts and complete the process to connect HP Envy 6445 to WiFi for a lifetime of smooth and wireless printing.


The above-detailed read has been exclusively designed to help you to connect HP Envy 6455 to WiFi. Reading on you’d learnt a little about HP, along with the features of HP Envy 6455 wireless printer, extensive details about the wireless printer setup with the help of HP Easy Start application and a printer management software, and the explicit steps to finally connect your printer to the WiFi which will further your experience with the effortless and wireless printing.

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