How to fax wirelessly from HP Printer?

Sending a fax using a wireless printer is more easy and convenient nowadays. You can send a document using your Mobile/Computer over a cellular data network or Wi-Fi in just a few seconds. You do not need data carrier to send information through your device. Online printers and fast internet connectivity have made it workable to send a fax through a smartphone or PC. You can send a fax in a very easier way like you sent your mails via Phone. Modern printing technology allows you to fax from HP Printer at just your fingertips. HP Printer comes in three variants that offer send and receive fax documents over the Internet connection and Wi-Fi network.

fax wirelessly from HP Printer

Type 1: Cellular Wireless

It is for mobile and PC users as they can send a fax document by connecting the Internet to their devices. This will act as a virtual fax machine for you that allows you to send and receive fax documents via email, mobile app, or a browser. It is an easy, reliable, and secure process to fax a document as you can send it like your mail.

Type 2: Wi-Fi wireless

As Wi-Fi is a feature which is available in all type of devices like smartphone, tablets, and computers. So this would be a good option to send a fax through your mobile even if you do not have connected your device through the internet. All you need to do is connect your device to the printer via turning on Wi-Fi in your mobile.

Type 3: Printers with a cellular connection

These printers come with the feature of internet connectivity. You can fax from HP Printers by connecting it through a mobile phone connection. These types of fax machines are also called “GSM fax machines”. With this feature, the machine would have a unique fax number and cellular data network account which operates via an internet connection and helps to send and receive faxes.

Steps to HP Fax setup wizard

Use the step-by-step method to set up to make proper fax settings that are extremely important to use the fax from HP Printer features. If you can’t configure these settings, might be fax feature is disabled.

Configure to HP Fax Setup

  1. Touch the Initial Setup button by following the Home screen and product control panel.
  2. Click to Fax setup wizard menu.
  3. Now configure to set up a wizard setting according to your requirements.
  4. Now the configuration of your fax from HP Printers will be finished.


You can easily fax from HP Printer by just connecting it through a cellular or Wi-Fi network. This is an easy, secure, and time-saving process. Take full advantage of the new HP Printer fax technology by setting up your HP Printer wizard. For more information, go to the official page of HP support. Use HP Print and scan doctor tool to avoid general printing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up my HP Printer to fax?

Configure fax settings and preferences. Use HP software which includes a guided setup tool named HP Printer set up wizard. Try to navigate the fax setup menu available on the printer control panel. And configure the settings as per your requirements.

How to find your fax number on HP Printer?

If you are unable to find out the phone number of your fax machine just make a call on your mobile from the machine. Now open a caller id app. The number by which the machine has called on your mobile be displayed here.

Why is my HP Fax not working?

First check connection of your devices this could be a reason after the failure of your sent faxes. Try to call on your fax number with your mobile to ensure that its cellular connections working or not. Because it might be disconnected or turned off. You can try checking the line port to make sure that the cellular network is available there.

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