How to Fix HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error?

Every laptop or computer CPU has a cooling fan in it that helps in the elimination of access heat that is produced in it while you use your system. This ultimately helps in keeping the temperature of your system maintained so that there are no chances of system failure or unexpected shutdowns. You might have heard the fan spinning sound whenever you turn on your PC. However, at times, this fan may spin faster than you expect it to be and you ultimately see an error on your HP laptop PC telling you about HP laptop cooling fan error.

HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error

The said error may come in the form of an error code and is indicative of the fact that the cooling fan could not remove the excess heat from your computer. This may happen due to several reasons however one should not get worried about fixing it as you can fix it easily by following some troubleshooting methods. However, one should try to get rid of the HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error so that heat build-up does not cause any further issues.

So, without wasting much time, let’s move to our topic.

Ways to fix the error

Method 1- Try cleaning the fan/ air vent

This should be done if you find out that the cooling fan is faster than usual and it is making a lot of noise. Thus, to clear the air vents:

  1. First of all, power off your HP laptop
  2. Then, disassemble all the components attached to it
  3. Now, using an air compressor, you should remove the dust present in it
  4. Make sure to blow the fans properly
  5. Take a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol solution
  6. Make sure everything has been cleaned properly
  7. Reassemble all the components back to their position
  8. After that, you should check if the error persists

Method 2- power reset your PC

Performing a power reset or hard reset on your system will reset all the thermal values in the system memory. Thus, to perform a hard reset on your HP laptop, use these steps:

  1. Begin by powering off your laptop and remove the batteries as well
  2. After that, you should disconnect all the externally connected devices from it
  3. Moving on, you should press and hold the power button on your laptop for a few seconds
  4. Next, you should insert the batteries where they were in the first place
  5. Now, you should turn on your PC and wait for the Windows to start
  6. Connect any peripherals that were attached to it earlier
  7. Check if the HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error shows up again

Method 3- Opt for hp laptop cooling fan replacement

If your HP laptop is old enough and you find out that nothing is working to fix the HP system Fan 90B error, then you give it a try or opt for the fan replacement instead. To check if your fan needs a replacement, then you should first check it physically by trying to hear the noise of the fan spinning. If you hear any of the sounds, faster or slower, then the fan is working fine. If you don’t hear any noise, then you should run a diagnostic check to test it further. To run a diagnostic test:

  1. Press the F12 key and select the diagnostic option
  2. The diagnostic test shall start running now
  3. After that, choose the no. to perform a memory test
  4. Now, choose “Custom test” to proceed further
  5. Then, choose the “CPU Fan” option from the device
  6. Then, perform the test and analyze the report


If you are still facing any hurdle while using your hp laptop or coming across fan-related errors again and again, then you may use HP Support Assistant. Using it, you may be able to find out what is causing the error in your PC. You can also reset your BIOS t get rid of the HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error which would definitely help you.

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