Resolving the “HP printer problem” with Windows 10

Hewlett-Packard or HP is a renowned brand in electronic devices like laptops, printers, and other accessories. HP has been dominating its share in the market for quite some time now as it provides quality products with exclusive features. They offer many models and each with its unique specifications, for instance, they offer both wired and wireless printers. It can be said that no other brand is as updated with the new-age technology as HP is. Their printers support several operating systems with total ease. However, sometimes users face some issues, one of which is specified when Windows 10 computers can’t find wireless printers. Here, we’ll be discussing what are the supported operating systems, what are the issues, and their resolution steps.

Windows 10 can’t find wireless printer

Types of printers HP offers

It would be wrong if we expect all printers to provide all functions. Therefore, HP has segregated the printers according to the different needs of the users. Let’s see what they are:

  • Inkjet Printers (multifunction, photo, single-function)
  • Laser Printers (color, monochrome)
  • Portable Printers
  • A3 Paper Printer
  • Large Format

Supported operating systems

HP Printers are easy to use and can be accessed with any Wi-Fi connectivity (good network). It also offers direct prints via your mobile phones. Before moving to the discussion for “Windows 10 computer can’t find wireless printer”, let’s see what other operating systems these printers support:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Chrome
  • iOS

The issue with finding the wireless printer

Usually, problems users face with their printers are a result of either corrupted drivers or outdated drivers. This would require you to take a few simple steps to resolve it:

  1. Ensure downloading and then installing updater tools for your printer drivers.
  2. Open it, and go for “Scan” to locate the outdated drivers on your printer.
  3. To repair/ fix the issues, go for “Update Your Drivers Now” post-scanning.

Note: If you still face the issue of “Windows 10 computer can’t find wireless printer”, keep on reading to resolve it.

Finding your wireless printer with Windows 10

When we talk about wireless printers it is directed to the printers that run on Wi-Fi connectivity either on your home network or in your workplace. It has been observed that users that have Windows 10 and try connecting to their printers usually face a lot of challenges. “Windows 10 computer can’t find wireless printer” is a common issue that has been encountered several times. Therefore, HP has come up with a set of steps to follow in resolving it. They are listed below:

  1. Look for and enable the option that says “Find Devices and Content”.
  2. Make sure you keep checking the Homegroup.
  3. Ensure a proper addition of the device to your network.
  4. Remember using the Advanced Printer Setup.
  5. Move on to running a test for your wireless connectivity.
  6. Make sure to disable the network adapter.
  7. Next is to repair the network problems, if any.
  8. Ensure installing the latest/newest updates of printer drivers.
  9. Check for new updates and then run the troubleshooter.

Note: Although these steps have never failed to fix the “Windows 10 computer can’t find wireless printer” issue, you can still get help from HP Printer Support, if you face any further problems.


HP has been leading the market in offering laptops and printers to members of the public. This is because it provides the best products with advanced technologies and exclusive features. Their printers are appreciated worldwide and can be either wired or wireless. These products support several operating systems and the company has always recommended Windows. However, users have faced a common issue- Windows 10 computers can’t find the wireless printer. Mentioned above are the different types of printers HP offers, the operating systems it supports, and how to resolve issues with HP printers that Windows 10 users face.

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