Troubleshooting issues of prints by HP Printers

HP leads the market when it comes to tech-savvy features on laptops, printers and other accessories. It enhances user experiences with best-in-class technical advancements. The HP Printers have secured a safe market share that seems invincible and with all the services they provide, it is well-justified. However, with all these amazing next-generation features, it cannot stay untouched by technical problems. Apart from the “HP printer not printing” issue, another problem that you’ll get to know here is the “HP printer printing too dark” issue. And you’ll also be able to fix this problem by the end of this read.

HP Printer printing too dark

The Quick Check

Initially, in the error rectification process, you’ll have to be able to identify the actual reason behind HP printer printing too dark. Begin with going through the basic printer settings:

  1. Visit the settings menu for the printer.
  2. Check the general image settings for the format.
  3. JPG or raw format, the print quality would differ.

Now, if you’re trying to print pictures from your cameras, you need to make sure you’ve adjusted and managed the camera settings as a perfect balance for the black and white ratio is very significant for printing good quality prints from HP Printer.

You might also have to check the colour consistency on your printers to avoid or resolve the HP printer printing too dark issue.

Using editing Software

Sending print jobs directly from the camera might sometimes arise this problem. In such cases, it is highly recommended to use certain editing software that offers effective colour management features. With enhanced adjustable functionalities, apps like Photoshop, LightRoom, etc., can prove to be a great resolution measure. In most of this software, you’ll automatically see printer settings for HP products. The only thing you have to closely monitor the colour settings and adjust them accordingly.

Lighting adjustments

You need to make sure that the light level setup on your cameras is properly checked and adjusted accurately. Correct levels of brightness make a lot of difference in the print results. Pay attention to the contrast settings along with the screen brightness levels. If you have perfected the monitor settings on your camera, it is impossible to experience the “HP printer printing too dark” issue. You have to ensure that the camera’s brightness is set to the highest level and you have to make minor changes in the camera directly to see the differences in the print results. However, another significant thing is to position your camera under a white source light to get better print results of the clicked pictures.

It all comes down to the evaluation

Evaluating the prints are the only thing that led you to understand that there is an “HP printer printing too dark” problem. And that’s what made you look at these resolution measures. The most common way out of this is to adjust and provide the best lighting conditions so that when evaluated, they match the standards of your expectations. It is considered to be more essential if these adjustments are made at the initial stages of the occurring issue. You even have to consider the brightness, darkness, and contrast settings of the present surroundings to obtain better results. However, if none of these work, you have to get in touch with the HP Printer Assistant as it is the best and the most recommended software for printer management.


HP Printers are well-renowned and they have been gaining a lot of attention for their best-in-class technically advanced features. This read has been focused on solving the “HP Printer printing too dark” issue. All of the steps mentioned above will help you get effective and better results with your prints on the HP printers. The above-detailed read tells you all the possible ways to fix the issue when you attempt printing directly from the picture on your camera.

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